15th September 2018 – Tree Crowning

On Saturday 15th September, a number of FoSKaP volunteers (Amy, Chris, Sion, Steven, Sandra) were joined by Bill (LDCC Chairperson) and Peter (Edinburgh Council) to tidy up a number of the trees around the park by “Crowning” them.

Crowning is cutting off lower branches (to roughly head height) in order to allow vegetation to grow at ground level as well as allow more visibility through into the park when walking around it.

In a FoSKaP first, Amy and Sion provided home-made scones and jam as well as tea, coffee, and hot chocolate for the group. This was well received and will definitely become a regular feature for future FoSKaP events!

If you want to get involved in the next FOSKAP event then please complete the form below!

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