Green Flag Award Success

We are pleased to announce that St Katharine’s park has been awarded a 2020 Green Flag Award. This is a huge achievement and wound not have been possible without the work of FoSKaP and our partners over the last few years.

A huge thanks to Mike, Peter and other colleagues at the City of Edinburgh Council. Their support has been huge to help us to achieve this – from providing litter picks and varnish, through to securing funding for our orienteering course and wooden sculptures. This help is especially appreciated as budgets and funding streams have dried up in 2020.

Finally, a huge thanks to everyone who has volunteered with FoSKaP over the last few years – without your help this would not have been possible!

We’ll be getting a flag pole in the new year, but we do have the flag!

Some of the FoSKaP volunteers with our new Green Flag!

You can vote for St Katharine’s on the Green Flag website:

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