Next park event

In March we will be having a general tidy up of the park. This will probably include some litter picking, tidying around benches, removing weeds from tree cages, and seeing what else is needed. If you notice something that needs doing in the park then please do get in touch and let us know as we might have time to tackle it during this March general tidy up event!

November Event – Litter Pick

We have decided to have a litter pick as our November event as the park is starting to look a little messy now that much of the grass has been mowed ready for winter. We hope you will join us at 10 am on the last Saturday in November.

Litter picks and bin bags will be provided but please do bring along your own gloves.

If you would like to join the event on Facebook then you can do so here:

Next FoSKaP Event

On Saturday 30th October we will be continuing to tidy up the park by clearing the ground around benches and noticeboards as well as pulling out weeds from the tree cages. This will mostly involve your hands so please do bring some gloves along with you. We hope you can join us at 10 am.

Upcoming FoSKaP Events

We have needed to cancel the varnishing event on Saturday 31st July and instead will next be meeting in the park on Saturday 21st August for both varnishing and a litter pick.

If you would like to come along then please meet us at 10 am in the park near the bus shelter. We will see which wooden sculptures are needing a varnish before the Autumn and hand out the litter pickers.

You can show your interest in attending on our Facebook page here.

We hope you can make it along and look forward to seeing you!