Adding a lick of paint around the park

As part of our continued maintenance work within the park, we managed to get all the wooden animal sculptures and orienteering posts varnished.

Luckily we had sunny skies and equal numbers. This meant we were able to work in pairs and managed to get all the painting completed in record time.

The painting session certainly paid off, with our wooden animals and posts looking very smart, and more importantly, protected from the elements. This will hopefully allow them to last for years to come and give locals the opportunity to enjoy them. 
Some local residents walking their dog were thrilled to see the work being carried out and even joked that our wooden frog needed a hat to protect him from the sun.

If you get a spare moment on a sunny evening, please do take a walk through the nature path we’ve recently installed and see if you can spot all the lovely wooden creatures hiding in the bushes. Or alternatively download our orienteering map and see if you can find all the posts. Remember to send us pictures on our Facebook page!

Our next event will be taking place on the 27th of July 2019, from 9.30am – 10.30am. We’re still awaiting confirmation from Peter on our next tasks for the park and will update the website accordingly.

If you would like to get involved, please do! We love having new volunteers and meetings new faces. We usually meet by the main noticeboard, in the middle of the park, where our park ranger briefs us on the day’s activities. For more details keep an eye on our events page, Facebook page or drop us an email at .

Taking part in the 2019 #bigspringclean

Our latest cleanup event at the park was a huge success. Not only did a number of new faces arrive, but the amount of rubbish in the main body of the park was really low!

The group taking part in the #bigspringclean event at St Katharine’s Park on the 30th March, 2019

That meant we could tackle some of the more overlooked corners of the park with highlights including two vacuum cleaners being pulled out of the bushes.

Remains of two vacuum cleaners amongst the findings from the litter pick.

With thanks to the Friends at Burdiehouse Burn for promoting this event to their members, it was great to have a number of volunteers from the local area taking part.

Our next event is taking place on Saturday 25th May, from 9.30am – 11.30am. We’ll be picking up our paintbrushes to give the new orienteering posts a coat of varnish, as well as tiding up some of the other signage at the park. See you there?

Remember you can join to become a Friend of St Katharine’s Park. Our Friends…

  • Don’t pay anything to join or take part
  • Have a say in the development of your park
  • Can do as much or as little as they like at an event!

New orienteering course being installed at St Katharines!

wooden post with orienteering marker attached.

One of the orientering posts being installed at St Katharines Park, in South Edinburgh

For those with eager eyes, you may have noticed some new wooden posts around St Katharines Park. These are orienteering posts and, once the work is completed, will be accompanied with a map of the area for locals to get used to using a map and compass (if they want to).

For those that are unsure what orienteering is, we’ll be looking to run some short introduction courses over the summer.

The map is being put together as we speak, and should be ready early in the new year. Once it’s complete you will be able to download it from the FoSKaP website.

Watch this space for more information!

FOSKAP receives “Advancing” It’s Your Neighbourhood Award

We are pleased to announce that Friends of St Katharines Park have recently been awarded the Level 3 “Advancing” It’s Your Neighbourhood Award for 2018.

Certificate of achievement for FOSKaP

The FoSKaP Level 3 “Advancing” It’s your neighbourhood award for 2018.

This award is designated by Keep Scotland Beautiful, who send out a volunteer assessor to appraise the park and the work that FOSKAP undertake.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have taken part in FOSKAP events this year, and to those from our partners without whom we would not be able to undertake the work we do – especially to Mike Shields and Peter Davidson from the City of Edinburgh Council.

If you would like to get involved in FOSKAP, please do get in touch 🙂